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Play jewelry to match analysis

Le 3 February 2015, 07:42 dans Humeurs 0

Youth beautiful films of the girlfriends of the recently released, this is a collection of Qi Chen Yihan, Fiona Sit, Yang Zishan, Shawn Yue, the Van Ness and Wallace Chung, all Idol and common interpretation of the story of a modern urban love and friendship. Film girlfriends role collocation in fashion, close to the city girl's daily life, from the business professional, simple and neat to extraordinarily gorgeous during the party, the heroine's shiny Tiffany and Co Jewelry Outlet Store Sale jewelry is the highlight of every shape.

Wore single-color evening dress can sometimes choose a gorgeous big earrings are sufficient, jewelry designer Shourouk Swarovski by Shourouk designed for Swarovski earrings, ornate Baroque style design on the basis of large crystals into them violently eye-catching styling for gorgeous party occasions.

Xue Kaiqi play Kimmy is a modern independent women's representative, independent personalities make the Tiffany and Co Outlet dressing tends to atmospheric models. Able v sleeveless black jacket, with a triangular silver nightshade Fit pierced earrings Crystal mesh material, both beautiful and dazzling, and styling adds some feminine romantic color.

Yihan Chen played the Greek Cypriot Timor is a typical girl, like to plan their own life of ease. So the minimalist styles of jewelry and peace of a dress was her first choice. Yihan Chen dressed in pink organza jackets were paired with simple quality IV necklace, a little bit of shiny ornament enough to display matching small thoughts. However, Allegory of simple cut earrings, Xue Kaiqi rosy set adds a touch of understated and beautiful.

Simple white suit with a Swarovski Octea Classic White Cheap Oakleys Watch, perfectly complements the Yihan Chen invincible youth.

Festival for love gifts

Le 2 February 2015, 07:08 dans Humeurs 0

In March, a spring season, the woman showed good timing of the self. In March, a Festival of individuality, too, the woman the best collection of beautiful moments.

In order to meet the woman,Tiffany and Co Jewelry Outlet Store Sale brand striving to introduce "dream woman" series. Engraved evaded real love, pure love passing, rare love and eternal commitment, are essential ingredients of beautiful buffets.

Every women, every fashion talent, dream of owning a smart change of jewelry. Zoccai Designer, will be integrated into rings and pendants, "dream woman" series deep into the market. "Dream woman" with magnificent bearing, presents a fascinating and elegant dream worlds. Let the mind swimming in this dreamy space and enjoy wonderful unlimited.

Tiffany surprises new fantasy series has two kinds of women wearing way ring can be worn, and pendant can be worn. Bright sparkling diamonds and the unique 18K gold texture, be nimble and be worn, and different seductive charm reflected in fashion accessories, a series of mystery, fantasy jewelry boutique, makes this fantasy woman unassuming beauty, showing fashion market.

Woman day approaches, zoccai elaborate fantasy series listed Tiffany and Co Outlet diamond jewelry passion, fantasy woman make dreams and sweetness bring you unforgettable warm memories.

Charming luster, temptation. Clever moments, and longing. Fantasy women, creating a charmed life.

Tiffany wearing methods are the biggest surprises of the dream woman's unique features, changing at the same time, the entire jewelry chic, vividly depicts the romantic charm unmatched in the world. Worry-free dedicated to optimism, the women take control over their future. From a dreamy and secret to bold fascinating, pulsating with life's pulse, pervaded the atmosphere of temptation.

Share pictures of a very special encounter, with the fantasy-adventure, a communion which transcends, glamour and romance blend together. Together with magic woman arrived at that magic spot.

Some people think that only fine Cheap Oakleys diamond jewelry can best interpret mystery woman's inner world. Tiffany fantasy woman using a unique mosaic of magical designs, three diamonds against each other, as well as smart's appearance, attitude, mysterious magical characters of women's elegant charm perfectly. Elusive, drunk.

Platinum maintenance tips

Le 1 February 2015, 07:48 dans Humeurs 0

When you are excited to put his hard Platinum couples who save money to buy a Cheap Oakleys diamond, you ever thought couples diamond ring in Platinum maintenance is very important? More valuable items are, the more you will learn to cherish and protect. Here are 8 maintenance couples diamond ring in Platinum a notable place, careful study will benefit you.

8 couples diamond ring in Platinum maintenance tips:

Maintenance tips: do not often touch

Diamond ring on his hand, often when they are not paying attention will tend to touch. No problem, but it's not. Hand perspiration can affect a Diamond's light.

Maintenance tips II: not to wear required timely remove

When cleaning the home, garden and other manual labour, not to wear Tiffany Outlet Platinum jewelry, Platinum will deform under the action of external force. Jewellery should be correctly depending on who, what, when, and the different and hard to replace or remove, but for busy modern people may not be able to have no time to do it.

Maintenance skills III: Platinum diamond ring and cosmetics to avoid contact with

Wearing more low platinum palladium content (Platinum-containing less than 75%) jewelry, best not to regular and direct contact with acid and a variety of cosmetic, once contact flush immediately with water to prevent discoloration.

Maintenance skill four: Platinum diamond ring for a long time lose shine, using toothpaste to Polish

With the passage of time, Platinum appears a natural oxide layer on the surface, dark, or local color, in this case you can use toothpaste to Polish.

Method: put toothpaste on the cloth, rub back and forth in Platinum jewelry, smeared with fine lines and surface dirt and cleaned with diluted detergent, then rinse with clean, colour can be restored.

Five maintenance tips: don't wear diamond rings in Platinum and gold rings in the adjacent hands

Don't put the ring in Platinum and gold ring on the adjacent finger, because gold is relatively soft, when the friction between the Platinum and gold, and gold dust are attached to the surface of Platinum, making local yellow ring in Platinum, and difficult to remove.

Six maintenance tips: regular cleaning Tiffany and Co Jewelry Outlet Store Sale is important

For Platinum jewelry cleaner on a regular basis. Cleaning method of Platinum jewelry and other precious ornaments are the same, using jewelry cleaner sold on the market, or Platinum jewelry soaked in a solution of SOAP and warm water, rinse after 5 minutes, finally sucking moisture with a soft cloth, clean once a month.

Every once in a while will bring Platinum jewelry professionally cleaned. This ensures that the jewelry presents the best gloss and more durable. Gem Platinum jewelry, make sure the professional cleaning every six months.

Maintenance tips: the place is one of the points

Platinum diamond ring is placed when being careful to separate place, lest they should be put together by other jewelry scratching questions.

Tiffany and Co Outlet jewelry NET reminds you that couples diamond ring in Platinum Maintenance note that there are a lot of problems, some people may find trouble, but there is an old saying says it well: be natural, when you get into the habit, then everything becomes natural.

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